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schneider glass vase schneider glass vase schneider glass vase

Above: Examples of Schneider glass from the latest article on the Glass Museum.
Click on the photographs to go to Tom Karman's article about Charles Schneider's art deco glass.

The Glass Museum aims to bring you in-depth articles about a wide range of glass. The photograph above is from the most recent article, "Charles Schneider: Art Deco Glass Genius" by Tom Karman, edited by Angela Bowey. Charles Schneider began his work in 1918 within the Art Nouveau tradition, but soon mesmerized the world with flamboyant designs that heralded a bold vision of the future - Art Deco. Click here "Charles Schneider: Art Deco Glass Genius" to read this article or click on the picture above. There is a list, lower down this page, of all the articles on glass offered by the Glass Museum.

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The Glass Encyclopedia is intended to be the ultimate reference source on glass, covering a list of topics that are increased and up-dated regularly. Each topic has its own page with a definition of the topic, interesting background and history. There are also pictures, references to other on-line sources and articles, and suggested books on the topic.

Amongst the latest extra pages on The Glass Encyclopedia is a page about Dartington Glass and a related page about Frank Thrower and his designs . Also a page about Nazeing glass, another of the very few English glassworks still operating today, and still family-owned. There is also a new page on Komaromy glass, an Hungarian who immigrated into Britain in the mid 1930s and made "Bimini style" glass until 1975; and information about the glass of August Walther & Sohne, one of the great art deco glassworks of the 1930s. There is also a new page about the glass of STS Abel of Zagreb, a Jugoslavian glassworks which produced some beautiful glass in the art deco period. Hope you will find these useful additions to the Glass Encyclopedia.

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